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  • Sheryl Ness

A Sense of Adventure

Many people have asked, how did you decide to write a book? I have to admit, I did not set out to write a book when I first started this adventure in Italy. I simply kept a journal of everything I was seeing and feeling from the new experiences I was having in Italy. I knew that these moments would be the "time of my life" and I did not want to forget a single moment, good or bad.

As my life in Italy continued and I fell in love with Vincenzo, I realized what I had was really a treasure for me to hold dear. However, I also wanted to inspire others to keep their sense of curiosity and adventure... and to take a chance on a a feeling in their heart (or their gut) if it calls to them. That's when I realized that I should write about my story. To inspire a sense of adventure in others. Today, when I sign the book, I always write "Follow Your Heart" as this is what I did to make my life in Italy unfold.

I continue to have a sense of adventure, always. In my work and in life, I'm always seeking out new skills and experiences to treasure as my life continues. The experience of living in Italy has made me more brave, to embrace the opportunities that come my way and to make life happen on purpose. I have to admit, it does not always work out perfect, but there is usually a gold or silver lining to each experience.

Now that there are a few people following the blog, I'd love to hear from you. What defines your sense of adventure? How have you followed your heart?

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